Innovation platform: TIDE

We built our products on TIDE, our innovation platform. Here we can deliver on our promises of fluid and dynamic products, based on a well-thought-out architecture.

The heart of TIDE is an engine for complex business applications, with this we can make any software product imaginable. With it developers focus on what matter most, bringing your idea to life.

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Experience Design

User experience matters most. From intuitive screens to engaging and meaningfull interactions, software should be a joy to use and empower you to do what you do best.

Dynamic Core

TIDE is based on a structured graph database, which offers true adaptability and dynamic behavior. This is how we can good on our promise to change and pivot as the need arises.

Building Blocks

Reusable components and services will shorten time to market, without sacrificing speed for quality. Or as we say : “faster, better and cheaper”

Build to Evolve

Our products get better with age. We see things as they might be in the future, not just as they are today. Ensuring a solution which is not only viable today, but also in the long run.

Guaranteed Continuity

The platform and all source-code is governed by an independent foundation, with the main purpose of guaranteeing the continuity of TIDE for all partners and clients.