How we do business

We do business in a honest and responsible way, we strive for fairness in all we do.

We see the guidelines below as a good starting point for own code of conduct.

Ethical OS

Building a better business

A few other topics worth mentioning   

Privacy & Data Ownership

“Content created by or data about a person belongs to that person.“

We see the GDPR as a step in the right direction, but alot more can be said about data ownership.

Regarding our website:

We don’t track, trace, fingerprint or cyberstalk you in any way. Only when you contact us, will we store your communication, and probably respond to it aswell.

Artificial Intelligence

“We do not accept an A.I. as our overlord”

AI systems should act and behave according to the AI guidelines proposed by the European Union. While not official yet, we are avid supporters of these guidelines.

Included are topics like: Human agency and oversight, Transparency, Accountability, Privacy, Reliability & Robustness.

Read more about AI.

Game based

“There's more to games than scoring”

Adding game elements to software can make it more engaging, but slapping a score counter and a badge to everything becomes meaningless pretty quickly.

We rather focus on game elements that actually engage, such as storytelling, striking visuals and sound, meaningful emotional engagement and creative interaction design, to enhance our products.

Unfortunatly according to our lawyer the above isn't enough, so to be a bit more specific.

Download our General Terms (EN)

Download our General Terms (NL)